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About Sage Brain Health Hub

Our goal in everything we do—from our journey of scientific discovery and development to our work with patients, care partners, and advocates is to forge pathways to more treatment options for brain health conditions.

We’re thinking differently about brain health disorders and how we approach the discovery and development of new medicines.

We conduct clinical trials to determine if our investigational medicines are safe and effective for individuals with a particular disease, disorder or condition which may allow us to seek the necessary regulatory approvals to provide wide access to these medicines.

Rethinking Brain Health

Our mission is to pioneer solutions with the potential to deliver life-changing medicines, so every person can thrive. Our goal is to improve brain health. Our depression, neurology, and neuropsychiatry franchise programs are working to change how brain disorders are thought about and treated.

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Driven By People

We put people first—all people. Our daily motivation comes from the stories of people impacted by brain health disorders. We actively seek the perspective of patients, care partners, and the community at large to shape the drug development process.

We work to help people impacted by brain health disorders by:

  • Understanding how brain health disorders affect lives
  • Raising awareness of their burden
  • Supporting efforts to close gaps in education and improve care
  • Advocating for patient access to innovative medicines and care
  • Infusing patient, family, and care partner perspectives into all aspects of our work

Patient Advocacy & Grants

Patient advocacy groups share our goal of reducing stigma associated with brain health disorders, providing education about symptoms and diagnosis, and helping patients navigate pathways to optimal care.

Sage is committed to developing transparent and long-term relationships with advocacy groups. We acknowledge and respect all advocate perspectives, and value their individual contributions to the advocacy community.

Our funding processes are consistent with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, and internal Sage policies and procedures.

To learn more, please visit our Advocacy Sponsorships and Grants page.

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